On March 14 Movemytalent, Talent Mobility Management and Ülemiste City held a mini-conference for the expat spouses/partners living in Estonia to introduce them the activities for children and to support them with the adaptation in the new environment.

Guest speakers gave an overview of Estonian education system and introduced different programs and possibilities for kids studying in Estonia.

Treehouse took part in the discussion and gave an overview of activities for babies and toddlers as well as extracurricular activities for school children. It was a good opportunity to introduce Treehouse’s plans to start with different activities for children, such as mindfulness mornings, kids science lab, chansons and music for toddlers and babies.

The event was held at Öpiku Conference Center and as the event was meant for families and there were many children present, Treehouse provided the premises with a pop-up playground for the children.



To get an overview of different activities for children please read the two blog posts below.

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