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Mindfulness exercises that bring lightness, joy, clarity and satisfaction to your life

  • The purpose of the mindfulness (Meeleselgus) is to provide parents with new skills that enable them to be aware of  themselves and their needs.  Through simple concentration exercises you will learn how to bring satisfaction and joy in your everyday lives.

    By mindfulness we mean the ability to seize the moment and be aware of what is happening inside and around us.

    You can train your mind through practical exercises that we provide on a weekly basis. The purpose of regular meetings is to provide sustainable development and support for the children, youngsters and adults. It is possible to consciously grow your emotional strength, inner peace and ability to concentrate, and as a result, quality of life improves, self-awareness and peace of mind increase.

    The childrens classes are playful. They learn to concentrate and calm themselves down through activities and experiences. Childrens and adults classes are also practical, in which each participant becomes more aware of himself/herself by practice and discussions.


  •  vaikuseminutid, mindfulness

  • Teacher
    Kadri Klais is a teacher of kriya hatha yoga and mind-altering. More than 10 years ago, she found yoga. During this period, she has undergone a series of internal development training exercises and has practiced them in her life. Kadri has done yoga classes for adults, young people and children.