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Chansons – singing in French

  • Toddlers and babies’ singing in French extends the cultural and linguistic boundaries of both the child and the parent. It provides invaluable advantage for further language learning.

    The most prolific period of learning languages is from birth to 5-10 years. At this age, children are able to learn a new language faster and without accent. Early language learning provides a significant advantage. Thanks to singing in French, the child will get used to the pronunciation and the sound of the language. A widely known fact is that the later you learn a new language, the stronger the accent.

    Parents learn the songs as well and can sing with children at home. At the same time people already speaking French have the opportunity to practice their language.

    Previous language skills are not necessary.

    We are open from 10.00 – 12.00, the teacher starts at 10.30. Before the class starts, you have time for mingling while kids can play. There will be necessary facilities for the babies and toddlers (diapers, baby food and baby seats). 


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  • Teacher

    The class is carried out by Christelle Jego. Christelle is from Lyon, France and has lived in Estonia for over two years now. Christelle has acquired a certificate in childcare and has previously worked with young children in France.