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Estonia (and Estonian nature) is pretty safe and nice. No extreme tornadoes, thunderstorms, earthquakes nor floods, even the weather is mild. Extreme cold or hot temperature is not common here. But instead of natural diseases, there are still some serious risks. Ticks are small but can be really dangerous. So who are those small creatures, how to prevent problems and what to do if you got a tick. Ticks are found everywhere, not only in the forest. They can also
extracurricula activities for kids in Tallinn
On March 14 Movemytalent, Talent Mobility Management and Ülemiste City held a mini-conference for the expat spouses/partners living in Estonia to introduce them the activities for children and to support them with the adaptation in the new environment. Guest speakers gave an overview of Estonian education system and introduced different programs and possibilities for kids studying in Estonia. Treehouse took part in the discussion and gave an overview of activities for babies and toddlers as well as extracurricular activities for
extracurricular activites in tallinn
How can your child make a friend, spend spare time and do something they really like? The first place where you should start is international schools, most of them offer several classes. Those classes are suitable for expat kids and even if there are language barrier issues, teachers are able to handle it. Also there are nine municipal Centres for extra-curricular activities in Tallinn and a wide selection of private schools and centers what give children the opportunity to develop skills in
Babies and toddlers classes There are several classes for babies and toddlers that you can attend, but quite often it is hard to find the information. So we have put together a list of different activities you can do with your babies and toddlers. Before visiting some classes, you should know that most of the classes provided in Estonia are only 30-45 minutes and there is usually not much time for mingling. Another issue might be that you have to
    If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to work for Google, or more specifically, to take the mindfulness training for Google employees, wittily known as “Search Inside Yourself: Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence,” you’ll soon have the chance. I helped develop SIY training along with Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow” Chade Meng Tan and Norman Fisher, former Abbott of the San Francisco Zen Center. Today, SIY is taking on a life of its own and increasingly being offered